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Hiring for Fall 2024: Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior -

Assessing benefits to Harpy Eagles of community-led restoration efforts in tropical forests of Panama

Harpy Eagle - photo from The Peregrine Fund

Dr. Jen Cruz and Dr. Trevor Caughlin are recruiting a PhD student for a fully-funded position starting FALL 2024. The student will be assessing benefits to Harpy Eagles of community-led restoration efforts in tropical forests of Panama. The position combines research in conservation, tropical ecology, remote sensing, movement and population ecology and will include intensive field efforts in the tropical rainforest of Panama but will be primarily based in Boise, Idaho. We are seeking applicants who are experienced in conducting field work with raptors or other animals in tropical forests, fluent in both English and Spanish, have some experience analyzing relevant data and a desire to become an expert in rigorous spatial and population analysis.  

Late applications close March 15th, 2024 and should include a single file attachment (include your full name in the file name) that includes: (1) a cover letter that highlights research interests relevant to this position, qualifications and experience (feel free to include publications or samples of code or written work), and future career goals; (2) a CV that includes contact information for three references, and (3) unofficial transcripts.

If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student, there is possibility we will recruit students in 2025, dependent on TA availability and project funding. Please email with a brief description of common research interests, experience, and future career goals, along with a copy of your CV.

Undergraduate students at Boise State University interested in joining the lab as a field or lab technician may contact for more information about seasonal opportunities.

Brushtail possums

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