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Lab philosophy

Credit to Eden Ravecca, Red-tailed Hawk

I aim to foster a collaborative, inclusive and diverse lab where we are passionate about science, conservation, and building a sense of community. I will aim to support lab members to envision, implement and publish their research; secure funding; attend conferences; strive for work-life balance, and gain the skills necessary for their desired career paths. I welcome ideas of how I can better support lab members and to contribute towards improving diversity in Science. 
I expect lab members to work effectively; to communicate openly and honestly; to maintain a positive attitude (even in the face of failure); to uphold scientific standards; to contribute to open, replicable science (and code); and to lead manuscripts. I expect lab members to attend and participate in lab meetings; to meet with me on a regular basis; to support and mentor each other; and to attend conferences. 
Together, we will strive to ensure that all lab members feel safe, respected, supported, and appreciated. We will aim to celebrate our differences and the strength that our diversity brings to the team. 

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